Linking to the NMAC

The New Mexico Administrative Code website was designed so that others can link to whatever level of the NMAC site works best for them. For example, one can link to the front page; to the list of the 22 titles; or to an individual title, chapter, or part. Below are samples of the linking.

For the front page:

For the list of 22 titles: _titles.htm

For an individual title (Title 1 in this case):

For an individual chapter (Title 1, Chapter 24 in this case):

For an individual part - the level where the rule text resides - there are two copies of the rule text in different formats, an html version and a pdf version. As an example, for Title 1, Chapter 24, Part 10, the addresses are below.

html version:

pdf version:

The Commission of Public Records requests that web designers clearly state they are linking to the NMAC web site so readers will know they are leaving one site for another.

The NMAC site is updated once a month, when the new rules, amendments, and repeals that went into effect the previous month are added to the web site. The Commission of Public Records retains the same web addresses for the titles, chapters, and parts so that links to the web site will work even after rules are amended. That means web designers who link to the NMAC website do not have to worry about updating their site with each amendment. Contact the Commission of Public Records, Administrative Law Division at for more detailed information on linking to the NMAC site.