TITLE 2               PUBLIC FINANCE




2.80.1800.1          ISSUING AGENCY:  Public Employees Retirement Association, P. O. Box 2123, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-2123

[10-15-97; 2.80.1800.1 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.1, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.2          SCOPE:  This rule applies to the retirement board and the executive director under the Public Employees Retirement Act.  This rule affects the members, former members, retirees, beneficiaries, public employers and the association under the Public Employees Retirement Act.

[10-15-97; 11-15-97; 2.80.1800.2 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.2, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.3          STATUTORY AUTHORITY:  This rule is authorized by NMSA 1978, Section 10-11-130, 10-11-131, as amended.

[10-15-97; 2.80.1800.3 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.3, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.4          DURATION:  Permanent.

[10-15-97; 2.80.1800.4 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.4, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.5          EFFECTIVE DATE:  July 1, 1993 unless a different date is cited at the end of a section.

[10-15-97; 2.80.1800.5 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.5, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.6          OBJECTIVE:  The objective of this rule is to clarify the authority of the executive director, and to provide for an annual evaluation of the executive director by the retirement board.

[10-15-97; 11-15-97; 2.80.1800.6 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.6, 12-28-01]


2.80.1800.7          DEFINITIONS:  [Reserved]


2.80.1800.8          GENERAL PROVISIONS

                A.            The executive director shall be the chief administrative officer of the board and of the association.  He or she shall attest to official actions of the board when required and shall serve at the pleasure of the board.

                B.            The executive director is authorized to approve duly executed applications for affiliation by public employers, and applications for normal, disability and survivor pensions in order to insure timely processing of retirement pensions.  In cases of disability retirement applications, approval by the disability review committee is necessary prior to approval by the executive director.  All approvals by the executive director for pensions must be submitted for ratification by the board at its next regular meeting.

                C.            The executive director is authorized to perform any acts required of the board pursuant to a proper delegation of authority by the board.

                D.            The board shall conduct an annual written evaluation of the executive director by the anniversary date of the appointment of the executive director.

[10-15-97; 11-15-97; 2.80.1800.8 NMAC - Rn, 2 NMAC 80.1800.8, 12-28-01]


HISTORY of 2.80.1800 NMAC:

Pre-NMAC History:  The material in this part was derived from that previously filed with the State Records Center and Archives under: PERA Rule 1800.0, Executive Secretary, filed on 10-21-88; PERA Rule 1800, Executive Secretary, filed on 7-1-93.